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  • Education and Research
  • Culture
  • Environmental


The EDP Foundation carries out initiatives aimed at improving the life of people in those territories where the company operates.


  • EDP Solidarity: Beneficiaries

    2019 34,706

    2018 22,463

    2017 87,082

    2016 48,533

    Number of people benefiting from the EDP Solidarity initiative
  • EDP Solidarity: Financed projects

    2019 18

    2018 23

    2017 18

    2016 15

    Number of projects financed with the EDP Solidarity initiative
  • EDP Solidarity: Investment

    2019 600,000

    2018 600,000

    2017 560,000

    2016 400,000

    Amount invested (€) in the EDP Solidarity initiative
  • Energy Solidarity: Beneficiaries

    2019 25,573

    2018 20,184

    2017 19,988

    2016 1,237

    Number of people benefiting from the Energy Solidarity initiative
  • Energy Solidarity: Investment

    2019 141,254

    2018 146,977

    2017 174,008

    2016 145,179

    Amount invested (€) in the Energy Solidarity initiative
  • Responsible points

    2019 73,270

    2018 73,034

    2017 77,484

    2016 89,200

    Amount donated (€) to NGOs from responsible points.

Initiatives social

  • EDP Foundation Academy

    The EDP Foundation Academy seeks to boost the organisational capacities of associates in order to reinforce their social impact and help meet the EDP Solidaria programme's global objective.

    Training is carried out by EDP Volunteers (Skills Volunteer Force) and by professional experts in various areas.



  • EDP Solidarity

    EDP SOLIDARITYis an initiative that aims to improve the quality of life and the integration of the most deprived.



  • Responsible Points-Solidarity

    The “Points” is a totally free programme rewarding EDP customers with a series of points.



  • EDP International Basketball Campus

    The Campus welcomes more than 400 young people from all over the world.



Featured News

  • EDP Foundation to award 800,000 euros to 23 solidarity projects 12.03.2021

    The initiatives will be carried out as part of the EDP Solidaria programme, to the benefit of 90,000 people in Andalusia, Aragón, Asturias, Cantabria, Castilla La Mancha, Madrid, the Community of Valencia, Galicia, Extremadura, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands.



  • The EDP Foundation and ECODES start up “RehabilitArte con Energía” 11.24.2021

    The programme improves the energy efficiency of 10 vulnerable households in Zaragoza, and brings the energy culture to the entire neighbourhood through an urban mural.



  • The EDP Foundation donates 12,000 € to social refectories 06.23.2021 This year the EDP Volunteer Energy Campaign has focused on energy of and for people, encouraging participants to share energy in a different way, with a Solidarity Challenge taken up by several businesses, schools, employees, pensioners, friends and family of EDP.


  • Over 400 participants at the 3rd EDP Foundation Academy 06.09.2021

    The EDP Foundation rounded off the 2021 EDP Foundation Academy at a ceremony where the organisations were the star attraction, and at which two of them related in first person the long journey they were compelled to make to adapt to the new situation created by the COVID-19 pandemic.



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