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Support and collaboration

Requests for support and suggestions for collaboration to the EDP Foundation should be sent via the electronic form provided with the button below. If your request is considered to be of interest, the EDP Foundation will contact you directly.

The EDP Foundation assists and collaborates on projects relating to areas of education and research, sustainable transition and culture, paying particular attention to those in connection with fair energy transition.

Most of its activities are carried out on specific programmes, such as EDP Energía Solidaria, which caters for innovative energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives, using transparent processes.

In the field of education, Viva Nuestra Energía this immerses teaching staff and student bodies in the world of sustainability, and also constitutes a flexible academic support tool. There is also the González del Valle Grants programme, which year after year enables university students to complete their academic course with remunerated internships at a number of EDP sites.

Cultural support and collaboration focus on showcasing a number of artistic expressions, enhancing the cultural offer of towns and villages and making them more accessible to one and all.


The EDP Foundation does not consider any of the following proposals:

  • Applications from individual parties.
  • Entertainment, leisure and sporting events.
  • Political or religious campaigns and initiatives.

Ethics and compliance

Applicants must be familiar with and accept the Code of Ethics and the Compliance Policy operated by the EDP Group.

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