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You pay it, so that another one does not pay the duck




This original one devises realizes the Walk foundation on Project (WOP) and the collection will go completely destined to the fight against the neurodegenerative diseases.

A truck of firemen will send tens of thousands of WOPatos (rubber ducks) Ría, and these will swim from the Bridge of the City council to the Bridge of the Euskalduna. The WOPatos are acquired by five Euros and are geolocalizados thanks to a radio frequency chip, which makes possible the participants to follow its WOPatos in real time and at any moment to know and from any place the world its position through the Web of the foundation.

600 of the WOPatos participant in the estropatada one have been acquired by companions of EDP Naturgas Energy, which supposes a collection of 3,000 Euros, that in September will give to the Walk foundation on Project.

When finalizing the race will be a great celebration and the delivery of prizes for the winners will be realized, but the main thing, the solidarity that will do possible to continue with the medical research, will have been obtained before the exit pistol shot.

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