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The EDP Foundation supports sustainable bear tourism




The Fundación Oso Pardo (Brown Bear Foundation) (FOP) is launching the first edition of 'Training courses for responsible, sustainable bear tourism' in Asturias, as part of a project aimed at improving the skills of workers in this growing sector and thus preventing negative impacts on the brown bear population, a species listed in Spain as being in danger of extinction. The project is supported by the EDP Foundation.

In line with the practice of sustainable bear tourism, the courses seek to improve the skills and training of workers in the sector, resulting in quality services, the elimination of risks and greater awareness of customers. It will also help to strengthen their employability. The courses will be taught in person with specific theoretical content on ecology, the behaviour and conservation of the brown bear, eco-tourism, guidelines for developing tourism activities in areas with bears and good practice manuals.

Pola de Lena, Belmonte, Somiedo, Proaza, Sisterna, Oviedo and Cangas del Narcea are the population centres chosen to carry them out on various dates from May 30 to June 30. The complete programme can be found at www.fundacionosopardo.org.

The programme includes workshops for developing eco-tourism products linked to the brown bear and a field trip to put the knowledge acquired into practice. They are free and are aimed at employed and self-employed workers in the tourism sector. It lasts for two consecutive days, at the end of which a certificate of attendance will be issued. In addition, within the framework of this project and always free of charge, the FOP will continue to provide advice (in person and online) to participants following the completion of courses so that they can respond to situations arising in the actual performance of their professional activity.

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