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The EDP Foundation signs a collaboration agreement with Caritas in Galicia




The Diocesan Caritas of Santiago de Compostela, Ourense and Mondoñedo-Ferrol will collaborate with the “Energy Solidarity 2018” programme, as defined in the agreement signed between these entities and the EDP Foundation. The aim of the agreement is to increase the security, well-being and energy efficiency of the most disadvantaged families.

José Anuncio Mouriño Rañó (Diocesan of Santiago), María Tabarés Domínguez (Diocesan of Ourense), María Victoria González Rodríguez (Diocesan of Mondoñedo-Ferrol), and Vanda Martins, executive director of the EDP Foundation, took part in the signing ceremony.

The agreement states that the centres of the signatory entities will ensure that actions are carried out that may include energy audits, technical inspections, replacement of basic equipment (LEDs, radiators, boilers, etc.), among others.

The signatory entities will promote and identify the centres, people and families at whom specific actions will be targeted and who will benefit from the programme, in accordance with the action plan established with the EDP Foundation.

The document also states that the Diocesan Caritas will be able to carry out training activities for their volunteers and technicians and for the families benefiting from the programme. The EDP Foundation will be responsible for processing any Energy Certificates that are required for centres or homes.

Once the corresponding actions have been implemented, the EDP Foundation will monitor the effective execution of these actions during the year following their implementation, so as to effectively fulfil the assistance and energy efficiency objectives pursued.

Prior to signing the agreement, Caritas volunteers and technicians took part in a training course, given by specialists from the EDP Foundation, on energy saving and energy efficiency.

Collaborators Lucía Sampedro and Nerea Cernuda gave a training session on different aspects of efficiency at the Caritas headquarters in Santiago de Compostela, in which members of the entity and volunteers took part. This initiative, which is included in the agreement, makes it possible to have an impact on key aspects of energy efficiency in homes. 

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