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The EDP Foundation presents the 18 projects selected for the EDP Solidaria programme


The fifth EDP Solidaria programme is now up and running. 18 projects in Asturias, Madrid, the Basque Country, Aragón, Andalusia and Galicia will be receiving a total of 600,000 euros to promote and carry out their initiatives, focusing on four aspects: social exclusion, care for the elderly, rural development and energy efficiency.

The EDP Foundation programme will help them carry through and boost the projection of the initiatives, which will have over 34,000 beneficiaries. The energy company will provide volunteers to assist and supervise.

The projects were presented at Gijón's LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial, at a ceremony attended by the Principality of Asturias government's Secretary for Social Rights and Welfare, Melania Álvarez; the Chairman of EDP Spain and its Foundation, Manuel Menéndez; the CEO of EDP Spain, Rui Teixeira; the Executive Director of the EDP Foundation, Vanda Martins; senior management of the energy company and representatives of the projects selected.

75 projects from all over Spain were presented, and the following were selected:


  • Fundación CESPA - "Proyecto Hombre": Programme for Minors and Young People, Reciella.
  • Fundación Acción contra el Hambre: Asturias Sostenible, a project to create jobs and businesses within the context of the circular economy.
  • Asturias Parkinson's Association: Assistance for those caring for people with Parkinson's disease.
  • ES Retina Asturias: “ConTICgo” training platform, providing digital education and assistance.
  • Fundación Ayuda en Acción: Ribera L@b, an opportunities lab to breach the digital gap and foster social cohesion.
  • Asturias Acoge: Tecleando Saberes, an initiative to boost the competences and knowledge of young people formerly in care facilities and female immigrants.
  • AFESA/FEAFES: assistance for the mentally ill to help them lead an independent life.


  • Madrid Down Syndrome Foundation: “Employment enterprise, breaking down barriers”.
  • Apostólicas CJ – Comunidad de Obras Sociales: an intergenerational programme for the empowerment of women over 60.
  • Fundación Tomillo: “Smart Cities”, an initiative focusing on social inclusion and employability for young people.
  • Socaire: “EducAcción energética para Entrevías: an aware neighbourhood is an efficient neighbourhood”.

Basque Country

  • Cáritas Diocesana de Bilbao: “Lurra in love”, launch of a social-economy company in the agrifood sector as a social/employment insertion tool.
  • Fundación Fondo Formación: assistance with social/employment insertion for the over-45s..


  • Medicus Mundi: a space for public transformation and participation based on energy efficiency and the circular economy.
  • CEDEMAR – Jóvenes Dinamizadores Rurales: young people against rural depopulation in Aragón.
  • ECODES – Fundación Ecología y Desarrollo: fostering green social employment for vulnerable groups.


  • ACEESCA: an association for the intellectually diverse: project to improve the standard of living of people with intellectual discapacity.


  • Asociación AFIM21: neuroeducation and games as a tool for exclusion and the social/educational development of minors facing exclusion in vulnerable districts.

During the ceremony the EDP Foundation awarded a prize to each organisation for its commitment to improving the standard of living of the people involved. The Asturias Parkinson's Association took the award for the most innovative initiative, as the result of a popular vote in the days leading up to the event.

EDP Foundation Academy

The organisations taking part in this year's EDP Solidaria programme, along with all the participants since 2015, can take part in the second EDP Foundation Academy encounter coming up in March. This is an online in situ training programme to broaden the knowledge of organisations in areas such as innovation, finance, energy efficiency, networking, legal issues or social responsibility.

The 2020 EDP Solidaria programme will also be open for applications in March. Interested parties may submit their applications between 1 and 31 March. The EDP Foundation will be awarding 600,000 euros to the projects selected.

The programme is in its fifth year, and is now one of the EDP Foundation's most consolidated initiatives. Since it was set up in 2015, EDP Solidaria has assisted 85 projects in Spain with a total package of 2.5 million euros.

EDP Solidaria is an EDP Foundation initiative which seeks to boost the standard of living of people in the areas in which EDP operates, through its support for sustainable projects that improve the environment, reduce inequality and help build a more just, equal and responsible society.


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