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The EDP Foundation launches the Valgrande Pajares reforestation project




2,000 trees to improve biodiversity at the Valgrande Pajares ski resort. With this objective, the EDP Foundation has launched the environmental reforestation project at the winter resort, which the Wildlife Protection Fund (FAPAS) is carrying out. The planting is scheduled for one hectare of the resort and has species native to the Cantabrian Mountains, such as Scots pine, yew, holly and service tree.

This reforestation project has a dual purpose. On the one hand, the improvement of the landscape conditions at the resort, through the creation of plant coverage. And, on the other hand, to improve the biodiversity conditions of the environment, while providing both shelter and food for wildlife.

This initiative is framed in the EDP campaign "a tree for every electronic invoice". The electronic invoicing of the company is a free service by which customers can access their energy invoices via the website. So, for every customer who signs up to the service, we plant a tree.

With the objective of explaining the project, the resort hosted a green day for children and users of the resort. Those attending visited the plantation, collected rubbish and took part in a talk by FAPAS on the importance of reforestation for improving the environment.

The EDP Foundation is undertaking numerous projects with FAPAS related to the conservation and protection of the environment. Under its reforestation initiatives, more than 80,000 trees have been planted with which it has managed to increase the arboreal mass and produce fruits that serve as food for the wildlife in the area, contributing thus to the improvement of the biodiversity.

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