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The EDP Foundation is preparing to launch “EDP Solidarity 2020”




Projects can be submitted as of the 1st of March.

The EDP Foundation will be launching the “EDP Solidarity 2020” programme on the 1st of March. All interested individuals and groups will be able to provide further information and submit los projects via the EDP Foundation website, in the EDP Solidarity section: www.fundacionedp.es.

"EDP SOLIDARITY 2020" is an initiative promoted by the EDP Foundation whose main aim is to contribute to improving the quality of people’s lives in areas where EDP carries out its activity, by supporting sustainable projects that help to improve the local environment, reduce inequalities and make progress in building a fairer, more equitable and socially responsible society.

The EDP Foundation is encouraging all its collaborators to share this news with the NGOs that they have any type of relationship with and who may be interested.

EDP Solidarity 2020 Regulations

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