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The EDP Foundation has donated more than 460 new laptops to the Principality




This week, the Regional Department of Education will start distributing more than 1,000 internet connections and 600 new devices, including computers, tablets and mobile phones, in order to reduce the digital divide, which makes it difficult for a small percentage of students to access the distance training that non-university education centres have organised as a result of the suspension of teaching in classrooms.

The EDP Foundation has donated more than 460 new devices worth around 200,000 euros. Meanwhile, the Government of Asturias, through the Directorate General for Digital Strategy, has enabled more than 1,000 new Internet connections. The equipment and connections will be aimed primarily at Bachillerato and Vocational Training (VT) students and those in the last year of the educational cycle (4th year of secondary school and 6th year of primary school) who lack the means to continue telematically with the school year. The materials have been sent to town councils, accompanied by the documentation required to receive, safeguard and distribute the devices to the families concerned. All deliveries will be credited and recorded so that loan items can be returned once the need for them has ceased.

These new resources are in addition to the more than 7,500 computer devices (including computers and tablets) suitable for use in educational centres, which have already been distributed among students to alleviate shortages. The Spanish Red Cross has offered its support and collaboration to solve any difficulties that may arise in distributing these resources. Its volunteer staff will deliver material to homes every two weeks while the health crisis lasts.

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