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The EDP Foundation hands out 3,000 cherry saplings




In April, the EDP Foundation holds its spring event, where nature-related drawings will be exchanged for trees. This event will be held in Oviedo, Santander and Bilbao and, in total, 3,000 cherry saplings will be distributed.

This is the second year that the EDP Foundation has carried out this initiative, which has a double objective. Firstly, to improve biodiversity by planting trees and, secondly, to raise awareness among children about caring for the environment.

To participate in this initiative, children have to draw a nature-related picture on an EDP Foundation template.

The Wildlife Protection Fund (FAPAS) is a collaborator in this initiative, an NGO with which the EDP Foundation has undertaken numerous projects linked to the preservation and protection of the environment. Under reforestation initiatives, more than 80,000 trees have been planted with the aims of increasing the arboreal mass and producing fruits that serve as food for the fauna in the area, contributing thus to the improvement of the biodiversity.

Places and times:

  • Oviedo: Wednesday, April 8, from 16:30 pm, in the Plaza de la Gesta.
  • Santander: Thursday, April 9, from 16:00 pm, in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.
  • Bilbao: Tuesday, April 14, from 16:30 pm, in La Alhóndiga.

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