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The EDP FOUNDATION and FAPAS exchange drawings for trees




Hundreds of children welcomed the spring, in the Plaza de la Gesta square in Ovideo, during an event organised by the EDP FOUNDATION together with FAPAS, where over 1,000 cherry saplings were handed out in exchange for nature-related drawings. In order to facilitate the drawing process, EDP had handed out templates to the local schools and many children turned up with the drawing already done. Acentre was set up in the square so that the other children could do their drawing there. The Viva Nuestra Energía [Long Live Our Energy] characters, Vera Rivera, Juan Volcán and Nano Solano, were there to the delight of the children.

The EDP FOUNDATION and the Fund for the Protection of Wild Animals (FAPAS) organised many projects linked to the environmental conservation and protection in Asturias. Thanks to their reforestation initiatives, over 70,000 trees have been planted with the dual objective of increasing the forest stands and producing fruit to feed the local fauna, to thus help to improve the biodiversity.

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