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The 2019 Joint Administrator Yearbook reaches Oviedo




Yolanda Fernández, Head of Environmental Issues, Sustainability, Innovation and Quality at EDP, and Vanda Martins, Executive Director of the EDP Foundation, took part in the Joint Administrators' conference ‘Third anniversary of the SDGs: State of play and future challenges ahead’. The encounter, held in the University of Oviedo's Historical Building, was attended by as many as 60 representatives of private organisations, a number of administrative authorities and agents operating in the Third Sector.

The Oviedo event, sponsored by the EDP Foundation, is part of the tour to present the 2019 Joint Administrator Yearbook. The energy sector has undertaken a commitment to the Agenda 2030's Sustainable Development Goals. In her address, Vanda Martins compared the Foundation's strategic lines to SDGs in relation to educational, social, cultural and environmental issues.

EDP's corporate culture, as an example of integrated sustainability, was the keynote in Yolanda Fernández's address, stating that "we have undertaken 9 goals". "This is a comfortable area of operations for us, because it integrates the mission, vision and values of our company", she added.

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