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Fundación EDP sponsors summer camps organised by NGO Fundación Solidaridad, Educación y Desarrollo


Education and Research


The support of Fundación EDP enabled two camps to be organised. The first, (the “Espiral Working Camp”) was held in the Nuevo Versalles-Loranca-Parque Miraflores district in Fuenlabrada (Madrid), and was aimed at groups classed as being at risk or socially vulnerable. Campamento Urbano 2014 [“Urban Camp 2014”], for 75 children aged between 4 and 14, and Escuela de la Mujer 2014 [“Women’s School 2014”], for 20 women aged over 18, were the two activities organised over the course of 2 weeks.  

The other project selected was Acampada y Campamento Urbano Urogallo [“Capercaillie Urban Camp”], an initiative run by Caritas in Astorga and Ponferrada that featured an educational reinforcement programme for children from the Castilla y León region classed as being at risk or marginalised. Seventy children enjoyed a 1-week camp in June, while the urban camp took place over the whole of July.

These activities help demonstrate the values of EDP Renováveis in helping to integrate the company into the communities where it operates and defending the principles of social responsibility as a source of employment and a driver for economic development.

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