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Ferroli and the EDP Foundation reach an agreement to develop "Solidarity Energy"




The manufacturer and marketer of heating and air-conditioning solutions, Ferroli, has reached a cooperation agreement with the EDP Foundation to develop the ‘Solidarity Energy’ initiative. The agreement consists of supplying boilers and heaters on advantageous financial terms for the Foundation, which will make it possible to improve energy efficiency in Cáritas and Red Cross centres, and in homes that these have selected.

The agreement has been signed by Víctor Gómez Álvarez, General Manager of Ferroli Spain and Portugal, and by the executive director of the EDP Foundation, Vanda Martins, at the energy company’s headquarters in Madrid. Both have stressed how important their cooperation is, which will reach centres and homes in Madrid, Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria and the Basque Country. Ferroli will be supplying equipment with discounts up to 60%.

The first device to be installed has been at the Elurra centre run by Cáritas in Bilbao. The EDP Foundation has installed a new boiler here, which has been supplied by the production centre that Ferroli has in Burgos. Installing this equipment will make it possible to reduce natural gas consumption by between 10% and 15% each year.

In order to implement these kinds of measures, Cáritas and the Red Cross select the centres and homes. The EDP Foundation, for its part, conducts a comprehensive energy audit to identify the various measures that can be implanted and carries these out.

This year the EDP Foundation is allocating 165,000 euros to ‘Solidarity Energy’. Through various energy improvement measures, it works together with Cáritas and the Red Cross to implement efficient measures in centres and homes of families at risk, to improve the safety of electrical installations and to provide training on efficient energy consumption habits.

Since it was launched in 2015, the EDP Foundation has allocated a more than 425,000 euros to ‘Solidarity Energy’, which has made it possible to improve the quality of life enjoyed by more than 5,600 people.

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