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EDP Renováveis and Fundación EDP mark Global Wind Day with an open day in Ávila


The event brought together more than 120 people including students and teachers from the Association of rural schools of the province of Ávila, specifically from the villages of Cillán, Cabezas de Villar, Fuenteadaja de Muñana and La Torre, along with mayors and local councillors from nearby towns and representatives of other public institutions in Ávila and other locations near the wind farm. 

Activities and entertainment were laid on for children and adults alike. There was a puppet show on the theme of energy, kite flying and drawing contests for children and a party at which attendees were offered the chance to experience a wind tunnel in the form of an air turbine, giving them the feeling that they were flying.

João Paulo Costeira, the CEO of EDP Renováveis Europe, declared that Global Wind Day was “of capital importance” to the Portuguese-based company, “not just for what it means in itself but because it provides us with an enjoyable, educational way of showing the communities in which we operate just what it is that we do".

Visitors were able to learn details of wind power and its importance in what was a real learning experience for the schoolchildren who attended, but also an opportunity for local authorities to learn more about EDPR’s day-to-day operations at the plant.

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