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Closure of TU ENERGÍA, EDP Renewables' educational programme developed in the province of Albacete


Education and Research


EDP Renewables (EDP Renováveis, Euronext: EDPR), a leader in the renewable energy sector and the world’s third-largest wind energy producer, successfully closed its TU ENERGÍA (YOUR ENERGY) educational programme, which had been taught in the province of Albacete since the beginning of February.

The programme was attended by 3,862 students during 186 sessions divided into 50 days and 24 centres in 14 towns throughout Albacete. Teachers at the centres described the programme as excellent and recognised EDP Renewables as a responsible company with an outstanding social and environmental commitment. The Mayors of the towns involved and members of the Education Department were also pleasantly surprised by the programme and its results among students.

TU ENERGÍA, which focuses its content on renewable energies, developed topics linked with the subjects taught in primary education courses. The programme also included activity books for students and teaching material in every classroom. The working sessions, which used audio-visual aids, “transported” the children on a tour through the world of renewable energies along with characters representing solar, hydraulic, wind, geothermal and biomass energy.

João Paulo Costeira, CEO de EDP Renewables Europe, stated: “We are very pleased with the programme’s approval and the high level of participation. EDP Renewables is fully committed to the future of new generations and will continue to promote this kind of initiatives.”

About Fundación EDP

Fundación EDP’s mission is to strengthen the commitment of the EDP Group in the geographical spheres in which the group operates, with special emphasis on those social, cultural, environmental and educational areas related to research that spearheads global sustainable development. The initiative described in this press release forms part of the whole series of actions promoted by the Foundation.

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