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100 kilometres against child cancer


On 7 September sports personality Edu Zapata will be running 100 kilometres around Cruces University Hospital in Vizcaya, in approximately 12 hours. Zapata is undertaking the challenge to obtain funds for ASPANOVAS, the association of fathers and mothers of children and teenagers with cancer in Vizcaya province. The EDP Foundation is sponsoring this 'feat', with which the runner intends to "raise awareness" and simultaneously combine his passion for sport with a solidarity event. The presentation will be held on Tuesday 18 June in Bilbao. 

Why run around Cruces Hospital?

Because not only is this the ASPANOVAS headquarters, but it is also the focus of much of its work, and the proceeds will be allocated to its Hospital Support Programme.

In addition to the money obtained from sponsorships, funds will be obtained via the platform migranodearena.org for anyone who wishes to make an economic donation. There will no minimum and no maximum, because ASPANOVAS believes that "every little helps".

During the event Edu will be joined in shifts by people wishing to demonstrate their support for him and the association, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. They say this tough challenge reminds them of "the path that each family has to go down: a difficult long-distance event, with ups and downs and times of enormous weariness, which can be borne much easier with the support and backing of everyone".

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