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It is possible to object to the use of cookies on this website, and withdraw consents, using the following "Preferences" tool Ajustes de cookies

1. Introduction

This website is published by Intermark IT for the EDP Foundation.

This Cookies Policy attempts to provide a transparent specific explanation of how the personal information gathered through utilisation of this website is used. This is the spirit with which, by means of this Cookies Policy, the how, when and why of usage of Cookies on this website are explained.

This website uses Cookies not only to ensure we offer a unique personal experience, but also to share additional information with our technology partners to improve, in a continuous integrated fashion, our website and the browsing experience

2. What are Cookies?

Cookies are digital files with fragments of information (generally with a single identifier), which are downloaded and stored on a website visitor's device. They may be temporary (automatically deleted when the browser closes) or persistent (up to a specifically defined expiry date), and also internal cookies (defined by the organisation hosting the site) or third-party responsibility cookies.

Cookies may be classified in accordance with their purpose. Some Cookies are strictly necessary to enable the website to operate (“Technical Cookies”), whereas others are used to learn where users are when they request a service ( “Geolocation Cookies”, or to provide statistical information for the purposes of analysing utilisation of the website and its corresponding performance (“Analytical Cookies”). Some Cookies are used to provide additional functions on the website or to store the browsing preferences of visitors, as long as they use the same device for the site (“Personalisation Cookies”). Other cookies help manage the original and third-party adverts shown while browsing more effectively, adapting contents to the use made of our website (“Advertising and Profiling Cookies”).

Users can also find out more about the Cookies used on this website in the list in section 4 of this cookies policy

3. Why use Cookies?

The utilisation of Cookies is a habitual practice on all website, and is totally harmless to the devices (computers, tablets, mobile phones etc.) in which they are stored, and they provide a better user experience on the platforms, both in terms of performance and also in terms of browsing, because the contents available will be better geared towards the real needs and expectations of users.

Cookies also enable the Website to memorise information on their visit, and also their language of preference, their location, the recurring nature of their sessions and other variables we consider relevant to make their search experience much more comfortable and efficient

Ajustes de cookies

5. Do I have to accept the use of Cookies?

Pursuant to the legislation currently in force, with the exception of cookies that are strictly necessary and performance/analytical cookies, this website may only make use of Cookies with the prior express consent of the visitor. The EDP Foundation undertakes to use Cookies for the purposes stated in the preceding point.

It is important to state that the utilisation of Cookies is essential for proper functioning of the entire website, and therefore it is advisable to accept them.

6. Management of Cookies

Most browsers allow the Cookies stored in the visitor's devices to be controlled, and also allow them to be deleted immediately, if the user wishes to cease to permit local storage of Cookies.

Users can always set up their devices and browsers to accept all or some Cookies, to notify whenever a Cookie is issued, or to never receive Cookies. Users may use one of the following links for simple intuitive administration of their Cookies from their browsers:

For further information on "Private Browsing" and management of Cookies in the Firefox browser, click here .

For further information on "Incognito Browsing" and management of Cookies in the Chrome browser, click here .

For further information on "Private Browsing" and management of Cookies in the Internet Explorer browser, click here .

For further information on "Private Browsing" and management of Cookies in Safari, click here .

For further information on "Private Browsing" and management of Cookies in the Opera browser, click here .

7. International data transfers

Internal Cookies

No international data transfers will be carried out with the information stored.

Third-party Cookies

Users may be informed of any transfers to third countries that may be made by the third parties stipulated in section 4 of this cookies policy, in their corresponding policies.

 Third-party Cookies
 Information on the transfer
 Google https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=en
 Youtube https://www.youtube.com/intl/ALL_es/howyoutubeworks/our-commitments/protecting-user-data/

8. Rights of data subjects

It is advisable to consult our Privacy Policy for further information on our data processing, and how users can exercise their rights and file complaints with the EDP Foundation's Data Protection Officer and/or with the control authority concerned.

9. Amendment of the Cookies Policy

This cookies policy may be updated and amended at any time by the EDP Foundation. We therefore advise you to examine the policy every time you access our Website in order to be properly informed on how and why we use cookies.

10. Contact

In the event of any queries concerning this website's Cookies Policy, visitors may contact the EDP Foundation at contacto@fundacionedp.es.

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