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Fundación EDPEducation and Research

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Education and Research

Education and Research

The EDP Foundation contributes to the best training of young university students by means of their grant programmes that likewise facilitate their insertion on the job market. At the same time, primary and secondary education are not overlooked, with the implementation of different initiatives aimed at the rational use of energy, along with the importance of the renewable energies. 

The EDP Foundation also prioritises research in the field of energy and in all aspects of the efficiency of the energy system, along with the key aspect of bio-medicine and bio-technology, which are key for the future.



  • Trainees

    2022 127

    2021 149

    2019 179

    2018 290

    Number of Trainess have completed placements at the different centers of the energy company.
  • Viva Nuestra Energía / Tu Energía

    2022 127,915

    2021 119,890

    2020 4,245

    2019 8,716

    No. of students taking part in the Long Live Our Energy “Viva Nuestra Energía” / “Tu Energía” programme.

Initiatives Education and Research

  • STARTInnova

    This initiative seeks to foster the entrepreneur culture among young upper secondary and vocational training students by means of an e-learning platform.


    Education and Research

  • Biomedical Research Foundation

    The Foundation for Biomedical Research and Innovation was established in 2014 to drive major progress in research in the biomedicine field.


    Education and Research

  • Educating for Sustainability: “Viva Nuestra Energía” school programme

    This programme which seeks to disseminate sustainability in schools has been run in the Autonomous regions of the Principality of Asturias, the Basque Country, Cantabria, Murcia, Madrid and Castilla La Mancha.


    Education and Research

  • Support for scientific research (DIPC)

    DIPC is an organisation which promotes scientific research and technological development activities in the fields of basic and applied physics.


    Education and Research

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