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At EDP, we are pleased to welcome you to our facilities. There are some things to take into account since a power station is a high-security facility, and therefore any outside visitors must obey some strict rules to avoid any risk.

The following rules must be obeyed all throughout the visit:

  1. Recommended clothing for the visit: Comfortable clothes, trainers or rubber-soled shoes. Access may not be allowed to anyone wearing heels, sandals or other garments that do not meet the safety standards.
  2. Confirming your visit: You should confirm your visit the day before. EDP may cancel the visit for safety reasons at any time, even on the day of the visit and even during it.
  3. Compulsory equipment to be worn during the visit, which will be provided at the power station:
    • Safety helmet
    • Hearing protectors: they will be issued if necessary.
    • The visit will be led through transitable areas, where the use of safety footwear is not compulsory, but comfortable shoes are recommended.
    • The material supplied by EDP must be used properly and returned in good condition.
  4. The school or organiser of any visit where there are minors under 18 years old must have the relevant authorisation of each student or, as applicable, of their parents and/or guardians, to go on the visit.
  5. The group size for the visits will be a maximum of 25 people. In the case of school visits and/or when there are minors in the group, there must be one teacher/responsible adult for each 15 students/minors.
  6. Take great care and not to touch any element during the visit.
  7. Visitors should be quiet during the visit in order not to disturb the plant workers and facilitate the guide's work.
  8. Always follow the instructions provided by your guide.
  9. At the beginning of the visit, your guide will explain the safety rules that must be obeyed during the visit, what to do in case of emergency ans you will be shown where the designated Outside Assembly Point is.

Safety rules

  • The visitor must follow the instructions given by the guide.
  • Do not leave your group during the visit and do not get out of the established route.

If you see an emergency situation:

  • Immediately tell your guide.

Once the emergency is confirmed and only in that case:

  • Quickly leave the building, but do not run.
  • Do not use the lifts.
  • Do not go back inside.
  • Go to the Outside Assembly Point.

Rules for the visit

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