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'Viva Nuestra Energía' (Long Live Our Energy) to be renewed


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The educational programme 'Viva Nuestra Energía' (Long Live Our Energy) will include new activities and have a wider scope from the next academic year on. The EDP Foundation has decided to renew this initiative, which has been bringing the world of energy closer to children for 10 years, extending it now to secondary school students and launching an application that can be used by any user.

This renovation and expansion will be undertaken by the Asturian company Yurmuvi, which won the competition launched by the Foundation with its innovative project, 'The City of the Future'. Ten high quality projects were submitted to the competition and evaluated by EDP collaborators.

The aim of the programme is to make students aware of different energy sources, promote responsible consumption habits and energy efficiency, and disseminate Sustainable Development Objectives (SDOs).

Teams will be put together at the on-site school workshops to build “The City of the Future”. Students will have to solve a number of energy challenges by testing their ingenuity, knowledge and logical abilities. Through the game, they will learn the importance of sustainability and different energy sources.

As a novelty, Yurmuvi's project introduces the creation of a web/mobile application, which will contain educational units and games. This application will allow teachers to organise their own classroom activities using the digital media provided, which can be downloaded by any school and/or user even if they are not participating directly in the programme.

Another important novelty of this new stage is the extension of the pupil base to secondary education, thus establishing three levels of education by age: two for primary and one for secondary education. The introduction of digitisation into the programme and the incorporation of secondary education will make it possible to strengthen and transmit the importance of this subject with greater scope.

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