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Trainee programme 2014-2015 kicks off


Education and Research


175 students from across more than 30 courses of study at the University of Oviedo have embarked on their training internships for the 2014/2015 academic year. The reception took place at the Teacher Training and Education Faculty and was attended by the Vice-Chancellor for Students, Luis José Rodríguez, and the director of the EDP FOUNDATION, Nicanor Fernández.

The new trainees had their first contact with the policy that the company is introducing in various spheres like information security, the environment and occupational risk prevention.

In addition to the agreement signed with the University of Oviedo, the EDP FOUNDATION has signed agreements with other universities and colleges in various provinces like Madrid, Barcelona, La Coruña, Valencia and Zaragoza, where more than 15 students will be doing training internships.

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