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The WOPeak Expedition reaches its first objective




Alberto Iñurrategi, Juan Vallejo and Mikel Zabalza, in their latest mountaineering adventure sponsored by the EDP FOUNDATION, have reached their first summit, the Paiju Peak (6,610 m), out of the three planned in the initiative .

They set off on 23 June and seven days later they set up their base camp at the foot of Paiju, 3,400 metres high. On 19 July, they embarked on the challenge of trying to open a route up an unexplored wall of one of the most breath-taking mountains of the Karakorum range. After nine days literally hanging off a vertical rock wall, and an accident with a loose rock that forced Juan Vallejo to give up attempting the summit, Iñurrategi and Zabalza managed to reach the top of the main tower of this southern face of the Paiju Peak on 26 July. Two days later, they descended safe and sound, but exhausted, to their Base Camp.

Despite the exhaustion and the number of scares during the expedition, the three mountaineers already have their minds set on the following WOPeak challenges for 2015. The first is the south face of the Jannu, which is the dream climb of every mountaineer due to its beauty, remote location and its height. The second, the Cho Oyu, is the sixth highest mountain in the world and climbing it will be a hard undertaking.

They will find themselves alone and reliant only on themselves in really remote places; they will live unforgettable experiences that will push them to their limits and, above all, they will tirelessly strive to achieve their objective. A true challenge, sponsored by the EDP FOUNDATION

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