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The women, protagonists of shared in common projects




4,000 women added themselves to more important the feminine sport event of Europe, and collaborated with their inscription to collect bottoms for the fight against the breast cancer. Two hours before the exit pistol shot it rained with intensity, but in the beginning of the race the weather lessened and the tide of pink t-shirts could realize the 5 kilometers of level circuit by the city. Once crossed the line of goal, the runners enjoyed a concert of the versatile Rozalén artist, participated in choreographies of aerobics with their companions and attended the delivery of trophies of the different categories, while smallest they amused themselves in the inflatable ones of EDP. This event, besides collecting bottoms, tries to bring back to consciousness to the women of the importance of the sport as element to prevent the cancer with breast and to foment the precocious diagnosis.

And the 22 of June, more than 200 women women met in Gijon under the motto “who run” and with the investigation against the infantile leukemia like motivation. This is an initiative that crosses Spain and that started up the gijonian journalist Cristina Mitre, next to brother San Fabio, professional athletes. More than 7,000 people they follow this initiative through the social networks. The only objective to participate is to make a grant against the infantile leukemia - from a Euro and to have a number of one between one hundred thousands. The objective is to teach to the women to change some habits and to turn the healthful life into a lifestyle. EDP collaborated with these women who run for his been left gijonian.

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