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The re-stocking of Asturian rivers begins




The re-stocking of fish in Asturian rivers has begun in the Narcea with the release of 2,000 trout. The activity took place in Cangas del Narcea in the Los Nogales area and was organised by the Asociación de Pescadores Fuentes (fishermen's association of the Narcea), in collaboration with the EDP Foundation.

The mayor of Cangas del Narcea, José Víctor Rodríguez, and students from the Penlés Support Centre for the Integration of Disabled People took part in the release. The activity allowed them to learn about the characteristics of the released trout fingerlings and their importance in terms of improving the habitat of rivers.

The president of the Asociación de Pescadores Fuentes del Narcea, Román Hererro, explained that “this is the first release that we have carried out in 2020, an activity that will continue throughout the year and that allows us to raise awareness of the importance of re-stocking rivers to conserve the aquatic ecosystem and keep them in the best possible condition”.

The released specimens come from the breeding centre run by the fishermen's association in Naviego. They are wild, are about 7 centimetres long and have the genetics of the River Coto, the purest in the Atlantic Arc.

The Asociación de Pescadores Fuentes del Narcea has taken part in re-stocking Asturian rivers for more than ten years, complying with the timetable of the government of the Principality of Asturias. It has the collaboration of the EDP Foundation, whose commitment to fish re-stocking extends to other Asturian rivers.

About the EDP Foundation

The EDP Foundation's mission is to strengthen the EDP Group's commitment to society in the geographical areas in which it operates. Specifically, its areas of operation are social, cultural, environmental, educational and research-related issues that pursue common sustainable development.


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