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The Gijón campus - more sustainable




The Gijón University campus began the year with 1,400 new trees in its surrounds. It is the result of an environmental project promoted by the University of Oviedo and the EDP Foundation to reforest several areas of the campus with species with a recognised value under criteria of biodiversity.

The technical management and implementation of the planting was carried out by the Fund for the Protection of Wildlife in Asturias (FAPAS), an organisation that works closely with the EDP Foundation on environmental projects in the region.

The project was presented at the Gijón campus by the Rector of the University of Oviedo, Santiago García Granda; the Councillor responsible for Maintenance and Public Works at Gijón City Council, Olmo Ron Prada; the Director General of the EDP Foundation, Vanda Martins; and the Chairman of FAPAS, Roberto Hartasánchez. During the presentation, they planted several trees on campus.

The trees planted include walnuts and hazelnuts, with 500 specimens of both species. There are also yew, holly, birch, ash, wild cherry, mountain ash and pear trees. According to Hartasánchez, the aim is “to encourage the formation of a large, lush and biologically diverse forest mass in these areas, while many of these species produce fruit, which will help to feed the squirrels”.

The agreement between the University of Oviedo and the EDP Foundation will continue in 2021, when they will plant another 700 trees in this area.

By means of this project, both the University of Oviedo and the EDP Foundation have reaffirmed their commitment to sustainability and improvement of the environment, while at the same time taking a further step towards contributing to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDAs), as part of the action plans for Agenda 2030.

This contribution is also reflected in the fifth position occupied by the University of Oviedo in the Greenmetric ranking of Spanish universities. This index analyses efforts towards sustainability and environmentally friendly management policies.

Environmental projects are a priority for the EDP Foundation, which has had its own tree planting programme since 2009. Through this initiative, more than 10,000 species are planted every year in Asturias.

Both organisations have had a close relationship for more than 30 years based around the University of Oviedo's outstanding scholarship programme, the Martín González del Valle programme, which is promoted by the EDP Foundation and allows more than 150 students from more than 30 specialities to complete their academic training at the energy company's facilities.


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