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The EDP Foundation will collaborate with the Ribadedeva town council to reforest the municipality




The EDP Foundation will collaborate in the reforestation of public spaces in Ribadedeva during the next three years. This initiative responds to the agreement reached between the town council of Ribadedeva and the EDP Foundation, the aim of which is to recover these areas, so that they can be enjoyed by the residents, and increase the value of the natural resources of the council.

The mayor of Ribadedeva, Jesús Bordás, and the director of the EDP Foundation, Nicanor Fernández, signed the collaboration agreement in the consistory of Ribadedeva. Through this agreement, initially set for three years, the town council will be responsible for preparing the land, while the Foundation will be responsible for providing the seedlings required and the costs arising from planting and maintaining them for a period of five years.

This initiative will make it possible to recover areas for public use with species of recognised environmental value and biodiversity criteria. The reforestation will be led by technicians from the town council and may be carried out by entities with experience in this field.

To develop this initiative, the EDP Foundation will be supported by the company’s "A tree for every electronic invoice" campaign, which aims to increase the woodland in the geographical areas in which EDP carries out its activity, while avoiding the unnecessary consumption of paper. This campaign is open to all customers of the company who register for the free electronic invoicing service.

In addition, the town council and the EDP Foundation will drive education on environmental practices around this collaboration agreement.

This initiative is in addition to those which the EDP Foundation has been developing for years. As well as the plantations arising from the "A tree for every electronic invoice" campaign, these initiatives include a tree planting programme.

As part this programme, which was initiated in 2009, the Foundation has planted nearly 100,000 trees in Asturias. Among the most prominent actions in the programme is the planting of 30,000 trees in the parish of San Martín del Valledor, which, in October 2011, suffered the largest fire recorded in Spain that year. Moreover, the Foundation has planted trees in Oviedo, Gijón, Santo Adriano, Proaza, Pajares, Sobrescobio and Siero.

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