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The EDP Foundation, the FAPAS ecologist organisation and Allande Local Council working together on the Valledor reforestation project




José Antonio Mesa Pieiga, Mayor of Allende, Roberto Hartasánchez, President of Fapas and Nicanor Fernández, Director of the EDP Foundation, have signed a new partnership agreement for the reforestation of El Valledor.

During the last three years, the EDP Foundation, the FAPAS (Fund for the Protection of Wild Animals) ecologist organisation and Allande Local Council have been working on the reforestation of the Sierra del Valledor mountains, which will be completed this year.

In 2011, a serious fire devastated the zone and razed 4,000 hectares of land. The EDP Foundation, in keeping with its commitment to reforest natural spaces, then decided to fund the Valledor reforestation project. Fapas members carried out the planting work properly speaking and always in cooperation with the local council.

The aim of this reforestation work is to recover the zone by means of planting native species, mainly chestnuts and birches, that act a natural firebreaks and also provide food to the animals living there.

Over 30,000 trees were planted during the project.

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