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The EDP Foundation supports the “Three Magnum Women” photographic exhibition




The exhibition Three Magnum Women: Eve Arnold, Inge Morath and Cristina García Rodero, brings the Niemeyer Centre the prestige of the world’s leading photographic agency, with the assistance of the EDP Foundation.

The Niemeyer Centre’s in-house production constitutes a homage to three women who have surpassed all the barriers and clichés of the photographer’s profession. These three pioneers have enabled a woman to narrate the world, and represent reality and the dreams in the lives of men and woman in the gaze of a lens.

The exhibition, curated by Rosa Olivares, presents an anthology of the two pioneer photographers at the prestigious photographic agency Magnum, Eve Arnold and Inge Morath, and a representative sample of the work of the first Spaniard to become a fully-fledged part of the agency in 2005: photographer Cristina García Rodero.

The EDP Foundation considers that culture is a key feature for transformation. That is why it is restating this commitment through its support for this magnificent exhibition of 60 examples of the three most influential female photographers in the history of photography. Women who use their camera to open a window we can look out of to transform the world.

The exhibition is open until 30 January 2022 at the Niemeyer Centre’s Photography Room.

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