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The EDP Foundation sponsors the "Oda Maritima" (Maritime Ode) show as part of the 14th Exhibition of Portuguese Culture in Spain.




The show is based on the poem "Oda Maritima" (Maritime Ode) by Álvaro Campos, one of the heteronyms of Fernando Pessoa, interpreted by Diogo Infante, one of the best Portuguese actors of our time, accompanied by the composer and musician João Gil and directed by Natália Luiza.

Fernando Pessoa is the most representative figure of 20th century Portuguese poetry. His literature encrypted various heteronyms: Ricardo Reis, Álvaro de Campos and Alberto Caeiro were personalities with thematic interests, literary styles and points of view which differed from those of the author himself.

"Oda Maritima" (Maritime Ode) is one of the most extraordinary poems by Álvaro de Campos, which celebrated its centenary in 2015. More than a dramatic text - it has no characters or action - it is a kind of verbal delirium, structured in a literary manner, with an intense, rhythmic, precise aesthetic.

An observer of the modern world, in "Oda Maritima” Campos celebrated the industrial and mechanical civilisation in poems of a torrential, violent style, but also expressed the disappointment of everyday urban life by taking the point of view of city man.

The protagonist of the text is in a maritime port and sets off on a trip within himself, in which he traverses all of the seas and bays in his imagination and moves freely through the identities of all of the men, women and children who have travelled in ships from the start until the end of time.

This work has been staged in a number of countries, such as the USA (in Washington, New York and New Jersey), South Korea (Seoul), Japan (Tokyo) and South Africa (Johannesburg). It will be performed soon in London and Brazil.

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