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The EDP Foundation showcases what a world of equality would be like


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Commitment to culture, diversity and inclusion are hallmarks of the EDP Foundation, and so it is collaborating with Eidabe in a Basque play: “Piztu! EmakumeON energía”, meaning “Switch on women power”.

The play shows what a world of equality would be like, with no injustice or ignorance. The stars of this story, illustrious and amusing female scientists, enable the audience to dream of a world that gives equal opportunities to one and all – thanks to an invention and the power of people, we will see the real worth of women in science, with Marie Curie as the central guide. And after this journey, with new ideas emerging inside all of us, perhaps we will discover the secret concealed inside the machine.

The play premiered on 22 June at Pavilion Nº 6 in Bilbao, and the EDP Foundation invited more than 60 children at risk of social inclusion, forming part of some of the organisations it has worked with, alongside more than 280 other people, to enjoy the performance.

You can go with us on this journey at one of the next performances:

- 19 July, Basurto-Bilbao, 18:00 h at www.bilbaokultura.eus.

- 31 August, Lekeitio.

- 10 September, Trapaga.

- 12 September, Samaniego.

- 3 October, Bilbao Maritime Museum.

Further information info@eidabe.com.

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