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The EDP Foundation sheds new light on the "Guernica"




The collaboration agreement signed up by the EDP Foundation and Museo Reina Sofía has led to the installation of cutting-edge museographic lighting technology in room 206 on the second floor, featuring Pablo Picasso's Guernica (1937), and the context, a space of some 1,500 m2.

Visitors wishing to see this painting and adjacent works will now enjoy an indirect lighting system specially designed for this space, which homes in on the vaulting of the Sabatini building, an 18th century architectural gem, highlighting the value of the architectural heritage of the Reina Sofía.

The collaboration agreement is nothing new, because it had already brought about changes in the internal lighting of the Crystal Palace in Parque El Retiro in 2019. These initiatives form part of the process being undertaken by the Museum to adapt to the new needs and demands of the general public in relation to the physical experience of their visits, especially at a time when a full overhaul of the Collection is being carried out, a process that will be completed for presentation in November.

The replacement of the previous conventional lighting system in these spaces represents the environmental commitment of Museo Reina Sofía and EDP, not only to preserve national heritage, but also to raise awareness and transmit sustainable habits.

These initiatives are a follow-up to the EDP Foundation's support for energy efficiency, reducing consumption, harmonising energy costs, and protecting the environment, at all times with the constant objective of implementing sustainability and meeting the objectives of Agenda 2030.

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