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The EDP Foundation promotes a new concert within the 'Suena la Cúpula' series of concerts




The Niemeyer Centre in Avilés hosted a new chamber music concert under its dome, as part of the “Suena la Cúpula” series. This was a recital by the musician and composer Fernando Barroso, featuring his mandolin as the main instrument, accompanied by Margarida Mariño on the cello.

During the concert, entitled “Silence Lovers Club – Mandolin Pieces”, twelve compositions were performed. The musicians were inspired by both classical and contemporary music of different styles and from various places around the world when composing the pieces.

The event, with the sponsorship of which the EDP Foundation aims to bring together and disseminate musical culture, was a complete success. During the coming months, more “Suena la cúpula” events will be held, with the participation of other top level musicians.  

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