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The EDP Foundation is sponsoring “Little White Riding Hood”




The Arriaga Theatre in Bilbao has staged the premiere of the children’s opera “Little White Riding Hood”, loosely based on the famous fairy story, in which characters and settings are adapted to a contemporary modern situation. The work was sponsored by the EDP Foundation, that handed out 400 free tickets, mainly to NGOs that it works with: Aspanovas, Lagun Artean and Acción Familiar Euskadi.

This piece is the premiere in Spanish of the opera Txanozuritxu, for five musicians and 8 singers. In this performance, a teenage Riding Hood, trying to make friends, approaches Wolf, an enigmatic boy from her class. From this moment on, the young girl must decide which path to follow.

The characters from EDP’s educational programme, Viva Nuestra Energía, Lolo Eolo and Vera Ribera, joined the show and accompanied the children in the Arriaga Theatre.

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