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The EDP Foundation is sponsoring LABoral's "Eco-visionarios" exhibition




The "Eco-visionarios" exhibition will be at LABoral (Gijón) on 24 May. The EDP Foundation is sponsoring this international exhibition project, which makes use of the most transversal contemporary art to address new environmental challenges. The exhibition is on until 26 October.

The "Eco-visionarios" project is organised by the Bildmuseet Umeå (Sweden), House of Electronic Arts (HeK) in Basel (Switzerland), MAAT-Art and Architecture Museum in Lisbon (Portugal) and the LABoral Centre of Art and Industrial Creation in Gijón. Conceived as ‘work in progress’, the project has been joined by the Matadero Madrid Centre and London's Royal Academy of Arts.

The project's singularity is that, over two years, each of the participants have staged an exhibition exploring the links of contemporary art to the environmental challenges of today, from different approaches, directly related to the institution's working lines.During this last phase, the LABoral Centre of Art and Industrial Creation will conduct an in-depth study from different perspectives of emerging connections between biosphere and technosphere, considering transdisciplinary works toggling between art, science, technology and society.

For further information, see the website for the event.

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