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The EDP Foundation is presenting the 23 projects that it will be supporting in EDP Solidaria 2018




La Fundación EDP ha presentado en Madrid los 23 proyectos seleccionados para el programa EDP Solidaria 2018, que se repartirán 600.000 euros, dentro de su presupuesto global de 4 millones de euros, para llevar a cabo diversas propuestas de mejora social.

The EDP Fundación EDP has presented in Madrid the 23 projects selected for the EDP Solidaria 2018 programme, which will share out 600,000 euros, as part of its overall budget of 4 million euros, to carry out various proposals for social improvement.

The presentation ceremony for the projects took place at the Rafael del Pino Auditorium, at an event attended by, as well as the Chairman of the EDP Foundation Manuel Menéndez, Luis Amado, chairman of the Supervisory Board of EDP, Rui Teixeira, CEO of EDP Spain, João Manso Neto, CEO of EDP Renováveis, and the Portuguese ambassador, Francisco de Ribeiro de Menezes, along with representatives from the 23 selected associations.

The EDP Solidaria initiative is being held in 2018 for the fourth time, and has established itself as one of the EDP Foundation’s most prominent programmes, as since its first year it has significantly increased not only the budget allocated to it but also the number of selected projects. The 11 projects selected in 2015 with an initial endowment of 344,000 euros, have gone up to 23 projects approved and launched in 2018 that will be carried out at a national level in 2019, with overall financial support of 600.000 euros. This figure represents a 74% increase in financial support since EDP Solidaria was first set up.

In his opening remarks at the event, the Chairman of the EDP Foundation, Manuel Menéndez, stressed the positive impact of this “innovative project to support social transformation”. In his opinion, EDP Solidaria “meets the basic aim of our Foundation, which is none other than to improve the quality of life enjoyed by everyone and to integrate the underprivileged”. “We are committed to local communities to promote the sustainable development of society and this is a clear example of this commitment”, he assured.

Increase in the number of proposals presented

The commitment by the EDP Foundation to this programme has been backed up by the interest shown by the associations. During the period for submitting proposals, which was open throughout March, 89 potential projects were recorded, compared to the 76 of the previous year. After the assessment process 23 projects have been selected, of which 10 are based in Asturias, 10 in Madrid, and one in the Basque Country, Cantabria, and Aragon respectively.

The selection committee for the projects has been made up of heads of the different areas of the EDP group, together with representatives of collaborating companies The implementation of the projects will be supervised by managers who are volunteers from EDP and it is estimated that the selected proposals will benefit nearly 23,000 people.

Call for projects for EDP Solidaria 2019

The chairman of the EDP Foundation, Manuel Menéndez, who presented the EDP Foundation’s strategic agenda for 2019-2021, announced the call for projects for EDP Solidaria 2019, with financial support worth 600,000 euros. The period during which applications may be submitted will be from the 1st to the 31st of March.

As a general rule, the proposals to be submitted must be linked to addressing the most pressing social needs, such as support for the socially underprivileged, the integration of communities at risk of social exclusion and promoting employment and entrepreneurship.

EDP Foundation Academy

Finally, Menéndez announced the launching of the EDP Foundation Academy, a programmme intended for beneficiaries of EDP Solidaria in the years since it was set up which aims to help to strengthen the organisational capacities of the collaborating entities in order to reinforce their social impact.

To do this, the EDP Foundation Academy will combine intensive training with mentoring sessions in a three-stage programme that will end next July.

Complete list of associations chosen for EDP Solidaria 2018


  • Una ciudad para todos, with the “Integrated housing, integrated people” project.
  • ES Retina Asturias, with the “CapAAPcítate. New accesible technology training for the visually impaired” project.
  • ASPACE Asturias, with the “Extension of the Aspace residential centre” project.
  • Asociación de Amigos contra la Droga, with the “Treatment programme for people with alcohol abuse issues in a day centre” project.
  • C.E.S.P.A Foundation, Proyecto Hombre de Asturias Evaluar, with the “Support for the employability of addicts undergoing rehabilitation” project.
  • Asturias Parkinson’s Association, with the “Parkinson’s school of Asturias” project.
  • Siloé Foundation, with the “Siloé Foundation Music Room” project.
  • Astuian Multiple Sclerosis Association, with the “Virtual rehabilitation: new horizons for the autonomy of MS patients” project.
  • Identidad Para Ellos y Ellas, with the “Daedalus” Project.
  • Cuentayá Association, with the “JUMP. Socio-educational support for the transition to adulthood” project.


  • Asociación madrileña de Inserción Social Aurrera, with the “EDP restores your intercultural space” Project.
  • AFANIAS, A. Pro Personas Discapacidad Intelectual, with the “Between us” project.
  • SERCADE, with the “Education programme for the integration of ‘Common Home migration’” project.
  • La Kalle Cultural Association, with the “FABLAB-TEKA Digital manufacturing Laboratory” project.
  • The Madrid Down Syndrome Foundation, with the “Madrid Down Environmental Entrepreneurship” project.
  • Madrid Asperger Association, with the “Intervention in natural contexts for people with Asperger’s and/or autism” project.
  • Apostólicas CJ – Comunidad de Obras Sociales, with the “Tool box. Look at me. I’m visible. Programme to raise awareness and innovation in the detection and treatment of violence against women over the age of 65 in municipalities in the Community of Madrid” project.
  • Ayuda en Acción Foundation, with the “STEPS: steps for the inclusion of vulnerable children” project.
  • Tomillo Foundation, with the “Urban repudiation: sustainable employment proposal” project.
  • Confraternidad Cancelaria de España (CONCAES), with the “Programme for crime accountability and reparations for damages in the prison system” project.


  • Asociación Católica Internacional Servicios Juventud, with the project “In Via Digital” project.

País Vasco

  • Cáritas Diocesana de Bilbao, with the project “HERRIZ-HERRI (people to people)” project.


  • Religiosas de Jesús-María, with the “Investing in early childhood is investing in the future” project.

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