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The EDP Foundation is presenting the 18 projects selected in EDP Solidaria 2017




Today in Bilbao the EDP Foundation has presented the 18 projects selected for the EDP Solidaria 2017 programme, which will share out 575,000 euros to carry out various proposals for social improvement. The presentation ceremony for the projects has taken place this evening at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, at an event attended by, as well as the leading representatives of the EDP Group headed by the Chairman of the Foundation Manuel Menéndez, the Basque Government Minister of Employment and Social Policies, Beatriz Artolazabal, and the provincial Councillor for Employment, Social Inclusion and Equality, Mª Teresa Laespada.

The EDP Solidaria initiative is being held this year for the third time, and has established itself as one of the EDP Foundation’s most prominent programmes, as since its first year it has significantly increased not only the budget allocated to it but also the number of selected projects. As a result, in 2015 11 proposals were selected; in 2016, they went up to 15; and this year they amount to 18. The financial support provided by the EDP Foundation, for its part, has increased by 67% compared to the programme in its first year, which was allocated 344,000 euros.

In his opening remarks at the event, the Chairman of the EDP Foundation, Manuel Menéndez, stressed the positive impact of this “innovative project to support social transformation”. In his opinion, EDP Solidaria “meets the basic aim of our Foundation, which is none other than to improve the quality of life enjoyed by everyone and to integrate the underprivileged”. “We are committed to local communities to promote the sustainable development of society and this is a clear example of this commitment”, he assured.

Menéndez also announced that, from this year onwards the Social Innovation Prize will be awarded to the selected project that, as well as suggesting activities for social improvement, also presents the most innovative proposal as far as its approach, development or final result is concerned. In this respect, the first Prize for Social innovation has been awarded to Cáritas Diocesana in Bilbao for the “Duintasun erein” project, which consists of adapting a plot of land for horticultural use in the municipality of Gordexola, to create job opportunities for people at risk of exclusion.

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Increase in the number of proposals presented

The commitment by the EDP Foundation to this programme has been backed up by the interest shown by the associations. During the period for submitting proposals, which was open throughout March, 76 potential projects were recorded, compared to the 49 of the previous year. After the assessment process 18 projects have been selected, of which 7 are based in Asturias, 7 in Madrid, and one in the Basque Country, Cantabria, Aragon and Andalusia, respectively.

The selection committee for the projects has been made up of heads of the different areas of the EDP group, together with representatives of collaborating companies, like Mª Teresa Mallada, President of Hunosa; Alfonso Martínez, Managing Director at Industrial Química del Nalón; María José Izquierdo, Head of Administration at Asturquimia; or Lupe Fernández, Marketing manager at Supermercados Más y Más.

The implementation of the projects will be supervised by managers and volunteers from EDP and it is estimated that the selected proposals will benefit 39,000 people.

Representatives of the 18 associations selected to form part of EDP Solidaria have taken part in the event this evening in the Auditorium at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

Selected associations in EDP Solidaria 2017

Basque Country

  • Cáritas Diocesana in Bilbao, with the “Duintasuna erein / Spreading dignity” project.


  • Teléfono de la Esperanza International Association, with the “Emotional health in classrooms” project.
  • Amigos contra la Droga Association, with the “Comprehensive treatment for young cannabis addicts at risk of social exclusion” project.
  • Aldeas Infantiles SOS, with the “Day Care Centre for minors and families at risk of social exclusion” project.
  • Ayuda en Acción Foundation, with the “Creating opportunities to contribute to the equity and quality of education of school children in Oviedo” project.
  • AFESA Salud Mental Asturias, with the “Incorporating people suffering from mental illness into the workforce as Personal Assistants, within the framework of the Dependent Care Law” project.
  • Solidaridad Amaranta Foundation, with the “Training in tailoring for female victims of violence in its different forms” project.
  • Familias de Niños con Cáncer P.A. “Galbán” Association, with their “comprehensive education project”.


  • Nuevo Futuro Madrid Association, with the “Empowering myself. New Future Association skills acquisition to improve the autonomy of minors” project.
  • Coordinadora Nacional de Artritis, with the “Comprehensive Support Service for Arthritis Patients and Relatives” project.
  • Asperger Madrid Association, with the “Launch pad for people with Asperger’s syndrome” project.
  • Acción contra el Hambre Foundation, with the “Entrepreneurship in action” project.
  • Apostólicas CJ – Comunidad de Obras Sociales, with the “No more violence / we are the solution” project.
  • Síndrome de Down Madrid Foundation, with the “Madrid Down-syndrome social enterprise area” project.
  • Ginkgo Biloba Madrid Association, with the “inclusive children’s leisure and respite care” pilot project.


  • Síndrome de Down Cantabria Foundation, with the “creation of sheltered housing as a measure to favour the self-determination of people with Down syndrome” project.


  • Servicios Capuchino – Coopera - Desarrollo Aragón Association, with the “San Francisco women’s shelter” project.


  • Balia por la Infancia Association, with the “Aulas Balia against child poverty for boys and girls from 9 to 12 years of age” project.

Call for projects for EDP Solidaria 2018

The EDP Foundation, which in 2017 earmarked 3.9 million Euros for supporting educational, cultural, environmental and social development initiatives, has now announced the call for projects for EDP Solidaria 2018. Manuel Menéndez announced that the total endowment will be 600,000 euros and he encouraged all the associations to submit new projects. The period for submitting projects will be open from the 1st to the 31st of March 2018.

As a general rule, the proposals to be submitted must be linked to addressing the most pressing social needs, such as support for the socially underprivileged, the integration of communities at risk of social exclusion and promoting employment and entrepreneurship.

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