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The EDP Foundation encourages volunteering




The EDP volunteering programme is organised in all the companies of the Group. This programme is in line with the strategic goals of the Group, where sustainability is one of its main principles.

Painting Smiles

Just like any other day, some EDP Naturgas Energía employees to get up to go to work, but they instead of going to their workstations they became painters and decorators for a day. These were the employees who signed up to the volunteering programme requesting help with the message “With your help we want to improve the conditions in which Caritas helps the most underprivileged get back on their feet".

The objective was to paint the different floors of the Caritas building in the Otxarkoaga neighbourhood in Bilbao, where they also had the advice and support of some professionals, who were also volunteering.

They spent a day where the emphasis was on hard work, but also on fun and the satisfaction of taking part together in a different job, with the knowledge that they were helping in their own way, and despite not having great technical know-how, they managed to do a very good job.

Christmas Playground

The children from the school in the Miribilla neighbourhood, in Bilbao, enjoyed the children's playground for the second year running that the EDP Volunteering Programme organises during the school holidays.

Based on the experience in the previous year, the organisers opted for activities that would guarantee success. So, the children bounced up and down on the EDP inflatables and enjoyed having their faces painted, which yet again was the favourite activity. Balloon sculpting also proved to be very popular, as the children were delighted as swords, boats and different animals made out of balloons filled the room.

The new act this year was the magician, who performed different tricks and simple sleights of hand.

EDPR Christmas Campaign

During Christmas 2013, EDPR organised a campaign to collect contributions from among its employees that were sent to the Cerro Verde Foundation NGO to support a project to bring electricity to a village in Honduras.

EDPR contributed 28 euros for each person who took part in the campaign to add to the employee contributions.

30.2% of the workforce in Spain signed up to this initiative.

Nyumbani Project

During a year, EDP (Spain) volunteers contributed their legal, economic and technical know-how to design and implement a whole project aimed at 220 photovoltaic panels, which will provide free energy to a community of 1,000 abandoned orphans and rescued from the poorest streets and neighbourhoods of Nairobi and surrounding districts, along with 100 grandparents, who live together in an eco-village specially created for them, called “Nyumbani Village”.

Donations were collected from the staff of the company to carry out the work, which is expected to be finished at the start of 2014.

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