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The EDP Foundation delivers staples to the Food Bank




For the second year running, the workers and EDP combined force to deliver staples to Food Banks. In the same way as the previous year, the EDP workers gave up part of the products of their Christmas hamper for the money to be spent on purchasing staples for charities. The total amount donated by the workforce was doubled by the company and the money was spent on canned goods, pulses, milk, coffee, sugar, oil and biscuits, which were delivered to the Food Banks of the different towns where EDP operates.

This initiative was part of the EDP Spain Volunteer Programme and workers took part from the Bilbao, Vitoria, San Sebastián, Oviedo, Figueras, Mérida, Murcia and Cantabria centres. All together they managed to purchase 14 tons of staples delivered to the Food Banks in the different cities.

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