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The EDP Foundation announces the start of the pre-registration period for its grant programme


Education and Research


The EDP Foundation grant programme is open to 175 students from Oviedo University this academic year. Those students who wish to complete their academic training at the different EDP divisions and work centres in the region are eligible to apply to his programme, worth one million euros.

Students interested in taking part in the programme may apply from 12 to 19 September, using the work placement application form on the Oviedo University website (https://sies.uniovi.es/serviciosacademicos).

The EDP Foundation grant programme is open to students on 23 undergraduate degrees and 10 Master's. The subject areas include Electrical Engineering, Economics, Business and Marketing, Chemistry and Law.

The EDP Foundation grants, the outcome of the agreement signed with Oviedo University, are remunerated and last for six months, a period which can be extended. The training period starts in October with each student joining their allocated work centre. The work placements will take place in all the areas of the company, under the supervision of tutors, who will train and help the students.

During the last 2016-2017 academic year, students from over 30 fields, particularly from the Business Management & Administration and Industrial Engineering Degrees and different subjects taught at the Gijon Engineering Technical School, with 70 and 40 students, respectively, taking part in the programme.

Apart from the agreement with Oviedo University, the EDP Foundation has signed agreements with other Spanish universities and schools to foster the training of more students at the different facilities and work centres that the company has in other autonomous regions. Thus, over 20 students join the work centres in Madrid, Barcelona, La Coruña, Valencia and Zaragoza each year.

The EDP Foundation grant programme aims to facilitate practical training at EDP for students from Oviedo University. It is one of the most important initiatives run by the Foundation and the leading work placement scheme at Oviedo University. Since it was set up in 1983, over 100 people who took part in the programme have gone on to join the workforce of the EDP in Spain Group.

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