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The EDP Foundation announces applications for grants on Oviedo University's leading programme


Education and Research


  • Students can apply for grants between 6 and 15 September.
  • The grants, a total of 75, seek to facilitate practicums for students.

75 Oviedo University students will complete their practical training with EDP during the upcoming academic year. The EDP Foundation has now announced its Martín González del Valle Grants Programme for students in more than 20 disciplines. The programme, totalling 800,000 euros, is Oviedo University's leading scheme in terms of both numbers and its multidisciplinary scope.

Students interested in the programme can apply between 6 and 15 September using Oviedo University's practicum application (https://sies.uniovi.es/serviciosacademicos). The degrees - 16 undergraduate degrees and 8 postgraduate/master degrees - include Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Modern Languages and their Literature, Law and Energy Engineering, among others.

The programme is in its 38th year, and forms part of the educational activities organised by the EDP Foundation. It is named after Martín González del Valle, who was chairman of the energy company from 1987 to 1999, and subsequently honorary chairman of the company and of the EDP Foundation until his death in 2015.

The Martín González del Valle grants, the outcome of an agreement with Oviedo University, are remunerated, with a maximum duration of ten months on a half-day schedule. The training period will commence in November, and will continue until July. Each student will be taken on in telematic and/or in situ mode, depending on the model defined for EDP employees.

The practicums will be carried out in all areas of the company, under the supervision of tutors to train and assist the students. They also take part in innovation and continuous improvement schemes, where they contribute their ideas and pool experiences with the other students.

The EDP Foundation has agreements with other Spanish universities and schools to encourage the training of more students at the different work facilities and centres that the company has in other communities.

The grants seek to facilitate practicums at EDP for students at the University of Oviedo. This is the University's main internship plan, and also one of the EDP Foundation's leading initiatives. Since its launch in 1983, more than 100 people who took part in the programme have joined the EDP Group workforce in Spain. 

Grants course 2020 - 2021.

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