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The EDP Foundation and the Accenture Foundation, teaming up to provide employment for the most vulnerable




Almost 4,200 people in situations of acute vulnerability have received training thanks to cooperation between the EDP Foundation and the Accenture Foundation on the ‘Juntos por el empleo de los más vulnerables’ initiative (Working together towards employment for the most vulnerable).

Work methods have undergone some radical changes in recent decades due to the digital transformation, and the scheme sets out to provide training for these people in order to give them new and necessary skills for today's job market.

Businesses today demand functions hitherto not even contemplated, and this has created the need for different professional aptitudes. It means that new skills are required in connection with digital knowledge to match new demands in today’s jobs.

Digital skills are now those most sought after by companies, although they still set great store by basic aspects such as compliance with regulations and achievement of tasks, customer focus, quality of work, organisation and self-confidence.

Digital competence furnishes the ability to make good use of technology and the challenges it poses. Technology is increasingly necessary for significant participation in the new society of the 21st century, making it the key to employment.

The agreement between the foundations is to take action to provide training in digital skills and knowledge that will enable groups in situations of vulnerability to reduce the digital gap and enter the job market. They are capacitated with an open, collaborative, responsible attitude to the world of online media and new technology.

The following organisations are involved in the programme: Inserta Empleo, Fundación Secretariado Gitano, the Spanish Red Cross, La Rueca Asociación, Norte Joven, Asociación Proyecto Hombre, Aldeas Infantiles SOS España and Fundación Exit. All of them are joining forces so that this group of people does not miss the digital train, providing them with economic resources and training solutions, both in situ and online.

This initiative, ‘Juntos por el empleo de los más vulnerables’, forms part of the EDP Group's digitalisation strategy, albeit with a social focus.

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