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The EDP Foundation and Liberbank support the documentary for the centenary of the declaration of the Picos de Europa National Park




Today the Government of Asturias and the Public Broadcasting Company of the Principality (RTPA) have presented the documentary, El parque humano, (The human park) by the director Tom Fernández, which commemorates the centenary of the declaration of the Picos de Europa National Park. The audiovisual production, which will be screened on the Regional television channel before the end of the year, reveals the environmental diversity and riches of this protected area, and also contains numerous comments by the people who live there and who for generations have helped to model its landscape.

The documentary, which you can see the promo of here , is part of the collaboration agreement between the Regional Government and EDP and Liberbank, by virtue of which both of them are taking part as the main sponsors in the events to celebrate the three anniversaries linked to Covadonga that are all being commemorated this year: the centenary of the declaration of the Picos National Park, the centenary of the canonical coronation of the Virgin and the 1,300th anniversary of the origins of the Kingdom of Asturias.

This morning the Minister of the Presidency and Citizen Participation, Guillermo Martínez, has taken part in the presentation ceremony together with the head of Infrastructures, Town and Country Planning and the Environment, Fernando Lastra; the director-general of RTPA, Antonio Virgili; the head of Institutional Relations and Communications of Liberbank, Ana Echenique; the executive director of the EDP Foundation, Vanda Martins; and the director of the documentary, Tom Fernández.

“This is a film that lets us take a close look at the grandeur of a hundred-year-old national park through high-definition images captured at different times of the year, from little-known perspectives with some unprecedented shots”, Martínez declared.

The celebrations for Covadonga Centenaries 2018 include activities structured around five basic concepts: cultural events, liturgical celebrations and events, sporting events, institutional events and the promotion of tourism. The importance of the triple anniversary places the main focus on the community and provides a unique opportunity for citizens to be able to increase their knowledge or to discover the rich heritage, history, culture and environmental wealth of Asturias.

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