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The EDP Foundation and Liberbank sign up to Covadonga’s 2018 Anniversaries




The EDP Foundation and Liberbank have signed up as main sponsors for the events to be held during Covadonga’s 2018 Anniversaries. Both entities will contribute up to €200,000 to finance the three commemorations linked to the Royal Site of Covadonga that coincide this year: 1,300 years since the origins of the Kingdom of Asturias, 100 years since the creating of the Montaña de Covadonga National Park and the centenary of the Canonical Coronation of Our Lady of Covadonga.

The Premier of the Principality, Javier Fernández, and the CEO of Liberbank and Chairman of the EDP Foundation, Manuel Menéndez, today signed a partnership agreement for both entities to contribute to backing all the activities envisaged. The fact that centenaries have been declared “events of exceptional public interest” provided tax benefits for cultural patronage.

As stipulated in the document, the EDP Foundation and Liberbank will jointly contribute financially to the following activities, among others:

  • Producing and broadcasting a documentary on the 13th centenary of the origins of the Kingdom of Asturias and the role of the Asturian monarchy. The film will last for approximately 50 minutes and the content will be appropriate to be used as teaching material in schools. The documentary, which will be broadcast by Radio Televisión del Principado (RTPA, the broadcasting company of the Principality of Asturias), will include references to the Battle of Covadonga and the proclamation of Pelayo as King.
  • Producing and broadcasting the documentary on the centenary of the founding of the Montaña de Covadonga National Park. The film will last around 50 minutes, with images of the natural area in the different seasons and from a range
  • of perspectives, and will include some unprecedented shots taken using drones. The documentary will be shown in schools and broadcast by the RTPA before the end of the year.
  • Creating and printing a history comic on the origins of the Kingdom of Asturias for children and teenagers. There will be a large print run and all the copies will be delivered to the Regional Ministry of Education and Culture.
  • Funding different services for the institutional acts to be held on 8 September – Asturias Day – in Covadonga.

In turn, the Principality will refer to Liberbank and the EDP Foundation on all the official communications, supports, posters and information panels, as well as on the institutional website, to recognise them as partner entities and main and exclusive partners in their sphere of activity.

Covadonga’s 2018 Anniversaries include a programme of over a hundred activities divided into five core areas: cultural events (66), religious celebrations and sessions (26), sport events (16), institutional acts (10) and tourist promotion (7). The importance of these dates puts the Principality in the spotlight and is an opportunity for the general public to learn more and discover the environmental, cultural, historical and heritage wealth of Asturias.

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