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The EDP Foundation and ECODES start up “RehabilitArte con Energía”


"RehabilitArte con Energía" is a project run by ECODES with the backing of the EDP Foundation as part of its EDP Solidarity Programme working on the energy rehabilitation of vulnerable households. 10 Zaragoza households form part of this initiative, and have already been assisted by a diagnosis to appraise the implementation of measures such as adjustment of installed power, application for the rates subsidy, or the fostering of efficient consumer habits.

The second objective of the initiative is to encourage social cohesion in the neighbourhood, with a positive impact on all local residents through urban art. This was precisely the objective sought by Zaragoza artist Harsa: “This mural depicts light, energy and how important it is to reduce emissions of CO2, using clean energy affordable for one and all, and improving families' economies.”

In parallel fashion, a number of small micro energy efficiency courses of action are being carried out in these vulnerable households, such as a change of lighting to LEDs, weatherstripping on the windows to keep out cold or warm air, terminals to allow all household appliances to be shut down, or reflector devices for radiators, among others. Work was also carried out to identify the problems that generate higher consumption of energy or provide less thermal comfort, in a bid to solve these through the replacement of household appliances, better sealing, work to solve areas of dampness etc. All this will help reduce energy bills and emissions of CO2.

The EDP Foundation remains true to its commitments with social and cultural projects through "RehabilitArte con Energía", assisting the EDP Group in a transition towards a new, fairer, more solidarity-conscious energy model. “The EDP Foundation believes that artistic sensitivity is not only a major tool for community participation and social transformation, but it also focuses on one of our main courses of action: for the homes of beneficiaries to be genuinely more sustainable and efficient", said EDP Foundation Executive Director Vanda Martins.

Since 2015 EDP Solidarity has allocated over 4 million euros to 144 projects, to the benefit of more than 400,000 people.

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