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The EDP Foundation Academy finishes its first round with a master class by Manuel Menéndez




“To make them viable over time, cooperation between solidarity enterprises and businesses must be positive for both parties, and the outcome must be more than simply the sum of the two parties. ONGs must seek out strategic alliances". Manuel Menéndez, President of EDP Spain, emphasised the importance of joint cooperation between businesses and non-profitmaking organisations in his master class at EDP's Oviedo offices as the high point of the EDP Foundation Academy's first edition.

In a talk entitled ‘How to Forge Successful Alliances between Social Organisations and Businesses’, Menéndez revealed his recommendations to implement synergies between the Third Sector and business circles. "ONGs can help businesses with better compliance with their social mission of better connections to society beyond simply making a profit. They can also help the company's employees identify more with the goals of their company, which should focus on the customer at all times”, he added. This was his way of encouraging social organisations to draw up specific proposals which could subsequently be rendered more flexible, and to choose their partners on a strategic basis.

Manuel Menéndez's master class was the culmination of a three-month training period, during which EDP Solidarity organisations had delved into aspects such as finance, human resources, communication, marketing, legislation or savings and energy efficiency. The training was provided by professionals working in EDP's various areas of operations on the EDP Volunteer Programme.

Participating organisations operating in Asturias, Madrid, Cantabria and Barcelona also had the choice of taking up the master classes online, using the EDP Foundation Academy platform.

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