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The ‘Desafía Dravet’ association brings in 5,700 euros from a sports event backed by the EDP Foundation




The non-profitmaking association ‘Desafía Dravet’, which promotes scientific research into Dravet Syndrome and supports and advises patients and their families, has brought in 5,700 euros in the El Abra-Getxo Marina Swimming Event with the support of the EDP Foundation. Swimmers were put into 4 different categories. The youngest swam a distance of 300 metres. Swimmers in the absolute category had a choice of either 1.5 kilometres or 3 kilometres, and finally the organisation also had a category for the disabled.

The proceeds represent a major boost for the ‘Desafía Dravet’ association. Dravet Syndrome is an epileptic affliction suffered by 1 in every 20,000-40,000 of the general population.

Children with the syndrome have difficulties with language and motor skills, and also have seizures quite frequently. It is for this reason that the association allocates resources to help families and promote research to find a cure.

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