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The "Computers for Charity 2018" initiative has managed to raise 14,000 Euros




“Computers for Charity” closed 2018 having raised 14,000 euros and donated 183 computers to non-profit organisations. This initiative, in which both EDP España and EDP Renovables take part, gives each employee the opportunity to purchase computers that are going to be withdrawn from service. This has a dual aim: on the one hand, giving the computer a second life, and on the other, as a way of generating income that can be donated to NGOs and associations

The EDP Foundation has been responsible, for yet another year, for donating all of this income. The recipients of the amount raised are the charities that the employees themselves select.

The programme also envisages donating computers to charities, schools and cultural centres. Since its launch on the 21st of July 2014, the initiative has raised a total of 74,500 Euros and 1,180 computers have been donated.

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