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Students from the Penlés Integration Support Centre help to release 4,000 trout in the River Narcea




Eight students from the Penlés Integration Support Centre for the Disabled helped to restock the River Narcea last Thursday. The activity took place at Vega de Pope and was organised by the Fuentes del Narcea Anglers Association in conjunction with the EDP Foundation. A total of 4,000 trout were released in the river.

This is the fourth year running that the centre has taken part in this scheme. The members of the Anglers Association told the students about the characteristics of the trout before the fish were released. They explained the importance of the trout to sustain the aquatic ecosystem, along with their reproduction cycle.

The fish released were barely over a month old, the time when they begin to feed independently. They are wild and they have the purest genetics of Atlantic Europe. The Association chose the Vega de Pope zone for the height at which the river is located. As Román Herrero, the chairman of the association, pointed out, “by releasing the fish at the upper points of the river, we impact their biological cycle as little as possible, as that is where they are most sheltered".

The Fuentes del Narcea Anglers Association have been involved in the restocking of the rivers of Asturias for the last year, in keeping with the timeline of the Regional Ministry for Rural Development and Natural Resources. The scheme is supported by the EDP Foundation, whose commitment to fish restocking has involved other rivers of Asturias for more than a decade, with the backing of the Royal Asturian River Angling Association.

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