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Students at the Penlés Integration Support Centre (ISC) release 1,600 trout into the River Narcea




Ten students from the Penlés Support Centre for the Integration of Disabled People took part in re-stocking the River Narcea on Tuesday. The event, organised by the Asociación de Pescadores Fuentes del Narcea (fishermen's association of the Narcea) in collaboration with the EDP Foundation, took place on the sandbank known as “El Matadero” in Cangas del Narcea. In total, they put 1,500 fingerlings and 100 adult trout into the river.

This is the fifth year that the disabled centre has taken part in this initiative. As well as taking part in the release, the students learned about the characteristics of these trout from the people in charge of the fishermen's association. The specimens used in this release were just one month old, which is when they start to feed themselves.

The President of the Association, Román Herrero, stated that “restocking activities are very important, because they allow us to preserve the aquatic ecosystem. The specimens that we put in are wild and have the purest genetics in the Atlantic Arc".

The Asociación de Pescadores Fuentes del Narcea has taken part in re-stocking Asturian rivers for the past ten years, complying with the timetable of the Department of Rural Development and Natural Resources. It includes the collaboration of the EDP Foundation, whose commitment to fish re-stocking has extended to other Asturian rivers for more than a decade, with the support of the Royal Asturian River Fishing Association.

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